Don’t Get in the Way of These Kittens’ Food

Kittens can be quite adorable creatures, but this one shows how protective they can be of their food…

These kittens are eating their food but when humans or other cats or animals want to dig in, they get aggressive and paw or hiss at the intruder. Funny that they still look cute and adorable while doing so.

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This Cat Misses His Human from the Moment His Human Leaves

Kodi is one truly loving cat. His human decided to get video footage of Kodi while the human was away, and what he saw was really heartwarming…

As soon as the human leaves, Kodi starts wandering around the house, calling his human. His soft and sad meows really show that he misses his human so much. This is very likely what your cat feels too when you leave.

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Stubbs, the Cat Mayor of an Alaskan Town Passes Away

Stubbs is definitely one special cat in the town of Talkeetna, a town in Alaska. Stubbs was actually elected as mayor of the town and has been called Mayor ever since.

Sadly, Stubbs passed away just recently, but it is good to know that he has lived a long life giving joy to the people of the small town.

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Cat Crashes TV Report!

This cat must have a penchant for the spotlight. A news reporter was preparing for his report on live TV when this cat comes around to steal the show…

The cat was very playful and vocal to the reporter and the crew so they included him in the show. The kitty looks really calm and composed so he must be really enjoying the spotlight.

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Grandpa Mason Warms Up to Kittens

Watch cute kittens pile up on top of old cat “Grandpa” Mason…

Mason is an old cat who has had a pretty rough life, and now is in quite the bad state of health. Mason is quite aggressive with humans when they try to interact with him, but when other kittens are brought to him and they start to just cuddle up with him, Mason actually warm up to them and does not mind their playfulness at all. Probably all that Mason needed was interaction from other cats to calm him down.

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Ever Wondered Where Your Cats Wonder Off To?

In this National Geographic video, a device that is designed to track cats’ trips whenever they wander reveals a lot of interesting data, with some cats actually traveling a few miles at time.

You are very likely aware that your cat wanders around a lot, but where your cat actually goes to might shock you. It is very likely that your cat goes out of town more than you do.

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Cat Really Loves His Human Baby Brother

This cat’s human had a new baby boy and the cat seems to really love his new baby brother.

The cat really loves to cuddle with the little baby, and never leaves his side, especially when his baby brother is sick. It can be safe to say that this cat will stay loyal to his human brother as he grows up!

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Cute Scottish Fold Kittens Play on “Empire Cats Building”

A thoughtful human has built a building for his Scottish Fold kittens using cardboard boxes. Dubbed the Empire Cats Building, it has 4 floors, with holes in the boxes for cats to crawl through and play.

The kittens are definitely having a blast playing inside the building, and they are definitely very cute to look at while playing.

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Tonto the Cat Must Miss His Human a Lot!

Every time this human comes home, Tonto the cat is standing out in the gate waiting for him.

When the human gets out of the car, Tonto looks giddy and excited, rolling around as if wanting to cuddle or play. It must really feel good to have a cat really looking forward for you to get home.

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The Human Better Get the Bed Cleaned Right Away!

It seems that this cat just can’t wait to get to lie down and play on the bed again.

The video starts off with the human giving the bed a nice scrubbing. It seems that this kitten wants the job done ASAP though as it is standing on its hind legs watching the human do all the scrubbing.

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