Watching this Kitten Falling Asleep is Really Adorable

Humans can be quite funny when they start to fall asleep when in public places and the like. This kitten however just looks really cute and adorable when falling asleep.

This kitten seems to be chilling but after a while, the kitten’s eyes start to get heavy, which is truly an adorable and at the same time hilarious sight to look at.

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Take a Peek into the Lives of 2 Cat Families

Watching a cat go about its day can be quite fascinating, but watching two families of cats should be much more amazing.

In this video, two cat families are featured. There are two mother cats along with 6 kittens in this video, and they look really adorable. At the start of the video, you see the cat families drinking and enjoying their milk and later on, you will see the kittens during their play time, along with the momma cats watching them closely.

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Ben the Kitten Practices His Drinking Technique

Ben the kitten is just three weeks old so he is still not too familiar with even the more basic stuff that he needs to do every day.

In this video, Ben tries to drink from a dish. He seems quite befuddled as to what he needs to do though, so Ben really needs more experience in doing so.

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How You Can Put On a Pullover with Your Cat On You!

This cat loves to spend time chilling on his human’s shoulders. So the human decided to make a tutorial video on how to wear a pullover without disturbing the cat resting on his shoulders!

Does your cat love to cuddle up with you, or stays on your shoulder as you go through your day? You might find this video to be quite helpful then.

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This Cat Family and the Dog Are Just Cute to Look At

See this kitten and her momma cat start playing with the dog, after which, another kitten jumps in to play! Adorable…

When people see cats and dogs together, a majority think that chaos will erupt in just minutes. This is not the case with this dog and a cat family though. From the start of the video, momma cat and her kitten are already quite close to the dog and you can see no aggression on both sides.

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Tiny Kittens Are the Cutest!

There is nothing cuter than a tiny kitten going about its thing. This video features a lot of tiny kittens, so cuteness overload definitely incoming!

Whether they are drinking their milk, playing with their human, cuddling with other cats or simply just lying down doing nothing, it just is very difficult to resist the cuteness of a kitten!

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Story of How Smoothie and Milkshake Became Feline Friends

Smoothie didn’t like it at first when a new cat, Milkshake, was brought home. See how these two cat learned to become fast friends…

This video shows how the cats Smoothie and Milkshake became good friends. Smoothie was the only cat in the home, but her humans actually brought a new cat in called Milkshake. At first, they were quite wary of each other, bordering on hostile so they had to be separated. After some time of exposing the cats to each other, they finally warmed up and now are the best of friends, playing and cuddling throughout the day.

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These Two Separated Kittens Maintained a Strong Bond with Each Other

Neo and Eenie are both kittens who stayed in the shelter, and that the two bonded pretty well. Look what happened when they were separated and then reunited.

Neo, along with his family, were adopted into one home, while Eenie went to another home. The people in the home that adopted Neo noticed that the kitty looks sad and likes to cuddle up with his human as if feeling lonely. To cheer Neo up, Eenie was brought to the same home after some time and the two still retained their bond, even if they have not seen each other for quite a while. Let’s hope these two wonderful cats stay close until they grow old.

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This Kitten Being Tickled is Really Adorable

Every time her human stops tickling and startles her, little kitty’s arms are also spread wide open.

This little kitty must really love to be tickled and startled. This cute kitty is being tickled by her human and while she is tickled, her eyes are really wide open and expressive. Combined with her really expressive eyes, this kitty simply looks irresistibly cute.

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Kitty Does Not Want Baby to Open the Oven!

See this protective cat try to keep his little human friend safe…

In this video, this smart cat is preventing a curious baby from opening up the oven. This shows a lot of care from the cat to the baby, which makes the little boy lucky as he will have a good and caring friend in the cat as he grows up.

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