Philo the Cat Does Not Care for the Newly Installed Cat Door

Check out this cat who has no need for a cat door…

Philo’s human has installed a new cat door to make it easy for Philo to go into the house easily. It seems that Philo does not care for the new cat door at all as he goes to the door, reaches for the knob, opens the door and goes in anyway.

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See Just How Fearless Cats Can Get

Cats are truly amazing creatures and this video proves it. Cats are capable of feats that you may never have thought this animal could do.

In the video, cats are shown scaring away bears, displaying feats of strength as well as unbelievable smarts. Cats truly never cease to amaze and surprise.

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You Will Definitely Be Able to Relate with What Cats Do When You Lie Down

Do your cats act like this when you lie down?

If you have a number of cats in your home, then this is one video that you will definitely be able to relate with. This clip shows just how chill cats can be, and that when the human lies down on the sofa, his cats bunch up to him either to play or cuddle. Cats are truly very lovable creatures.

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These Cats Won’t Let Their Human Fix the Bed!

This human is just trying to fix the bed, but it seems that her cats have other ideas in mind.

Every time the human lifts up and fixes the sheets, the cats also jump on the spot which is quite amusing. I’m sure the human was quite amused with what her cats were doing.

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These Cats Just Love to Race

The cats featured in the video simply love to race with each other. After a quick playful wrestling session, these two cats are racing with each other in the hallway.

The F1 racing sounds used in the background makes them funnier and more adorable to look at.

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Hosico the Cat’s Favorite Place to Chill is a Cardboard Tray

Not only does Hosico love to lay on the tray, but he also loves to try and fit his body into the various crevices and folds of the tray.

Hosico the cat has a really unique favorite place, as it is a piece of cardboard tray. Hosico is really adorable to watch when he spends time in his favorite tray.

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These Cats are an Inspiration to Just Never Give Up in Life

Arkadiy is a cat that can’t use his hind legs. Despite this handicap, and also having lost his beloved sister a while back, Arkadiy is still a jolly and active cat who loves to play, wrestle, climb around and have fun.

Arkadiy is also introduced to another cat with disability called Ariadne, who also cannot use her hind legs well. Even if it is quite difficult for them to go and do normal activities that cats can do, they still seem to be happy and also care for each other deeply. I guess humans can learn a thing or two from how these cats go about their life.

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This Cat Won’t Eat His Vegetables

Once this cat’s human asks if his veggies have already been finished, this cat just makes the funniest reaction. Check it out…

This cat loves to eat, but when it comes to vegetables, this cat just can’t stand it. However, the cat looks startled and scared with his eyes getting wider, jumps away and hides, looking adorable in the process.

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This Cat Must Hate the Mail!

Every time this postal carrier gets near this this house, the cat inside attacks the window! Have you ever had a cat react this way then the mail arrives?

The cat looks really furious and aggressive, hitting the window and hissing. Let’s hope the cat is not out when the postwoman comes back the next time around.

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Check Out This Cat’s Reaction to Her Singing Human

Upon hearing this song, the cat looks uneasy, and starts jumping at her human!

In this video, a human starts to sing and in a beautiful voice too. Maybe this cat is not the most musically inclined one.

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