These Cats Just Love to Race

The cats featured in the video simply love to race with each other. After a quick playful wrestling session, these two cats are racing with each other in the hallway.

The F1 racing sounds used in the background makes them funnier and more adorable to look at.

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Cat Really Loves His Human Baby Brother

This cat’s human had a new baby boy and the cat seems to really love his new baby brother.

The cat really loves to cuddle with the little baby, and never leaves his side, especially when his baby brother is sick. It can be safe to say that this cat will stay loyal to his human brother as he grows up!

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Hosico the Cat’s Favorite Place to Chill is a Cardboard Tray

Not only does Hosico love to lay on the tray, but he also loves to try and fit his body into the various crevices and folds of the tray.

Hosico the cat has a really unique favorite place, as it is a piece of cardboard tray. Hosico is really adorable to watch when he spends time in his favorite tray.

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Cute Scottish Fold Kittens Play on “Empire Cats Building”

A thoughtful human has built a building for his Scottish Fold kittens using cardboard boxes. Dubbed the Empire Cats Building, it has 4 floors, with holes in the boxes for cats to crawl through and play.

The kittens are definitely having a blast playing inside the building, and they are definitely very cute to look at while playing.

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Tonto the Cat Must Miss His Human a Lot!

Every time this human comes home, Tonto the cat is standing out in the gate waiting for him.

When the human gets out of the car, Tonto looks giddy and excited, rolling around as if wanting to cuddle or play. It must really feel good to have a cat really looking forward for you to get home.

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These Cats are an Inspiration to Just Never Give Up in Life

Arkadiy is a cat that can’t use his hind legs. Despite this handicap, and also having lost his beloved sister a while back, Arkadiy is still a jolly and active cat who loves to play, wrestle, climb around and have fun.

Arkadiy is also introduced to another cat with disability called Ariadne, who also cannot use her hind legs well. Even if it is quite difficult for them to go and do normal activities that cats can do, they still seem to be happy and also care for each other deeply. I guess humans can learn a thing or two from how these cats go about their life.

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The Human Better Get the Bed Cleaned Right Away!

It seems that this cat just can’t wait to get to lie down and play on the bed again.

The video starts off with the human giving the bed a nice scrubbing. It seems that this kitten wants the job done ASAP though as it is standing on its hind legs watching the human do all the scrubbing.

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Watching this Kitten Falling Asleep is Really Adorable

Humans can be quite funny when they start to fall asleep when in public places and the like. This kitten however just looks really cute and adorable when falling asleep.

This kitten seems to be chilling but after a while, the kitten’s eyes start to get heavy, which is truly an adorable and at the same time hilarious sight to look at.

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Take a Peek into the Lives of 2 Cat Families

Watching a cat go about its day can be quite fascinating, but watching two families of cats should be much more amazing.

In this video, two cat families are featured. There are two mother cats along with 6 kittens in this video, and they look really adorable. At the start of the video, you see the cat families drinking and enjoying their milk and later on, you will see the kittens during their play time, along with the momma cats watching them closely.

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This Cat Won’t Eat His Vegetables

Once this cat’s human asks if his veggies have already been finished, this cat just makes the funniest reaction. Check it out…

This cat loves to eat, but when it comes to vegetables, this cat just can’t stand it. However, the cat looks startled and scared with his eyes getting wider, jumps away and hides, looking adorable in the process.

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